Tara Favell – ‘Heart-Break’

Sydney singer-songwriter Tara Favell is bringing her country-pop cross over style to the Australian musical landscape with the release of her new single ‘Heart-Break’ today Thursday January 19th.

Tara wrote ‘Heart-Break’ about a time in her life where she felt she needed a break from the complications that can go along with love & relationships. Tara says, “Sometimes we can get caught up in making everything perfect & putting all of ourselves into one person & whilst that is a special & beautiful thing sometimes even when you put in all you have it can still lead to a broken heart & heart ache. So at times when this happens I wanted to write a song about giving your heart a “break” – a “heart-break” & focussing on yourself & enjoying life.

A musical child by nature, Favell was always singing and acting on stage and by age 14, she had mastered the piano, trumpet and guitar.

As a songwriter, Tara finds her inspiration from her life, writing a lot on the topics of love. Love being such a complicated subject and every relationship, crush and breakup starting and ending so differently, this provides her with what she deems as endless amounts of experience to write about. “Being 100% honest in a song could never be a bad thing.” This shines through in her songs, allowing people to relate to her music in their own ways.

The video was shot at a couple of locations in Sydney “Filming this video clip for ‘Heart-Break’ was a lot of fun! We started off filming some sunrise scenes at Cronulla Beach & then filmed all of the farm scenes on a beautiful property in Pitt Town, NSW. I got to ride around on off road vehicles with my 2 friends & had a lot of fun filming the band scene in the evening under the country shack with some great, really talented friends also. Tom Roberts the director is incredibly talented & made the day a breeze! Working together we came up with creative ideas to tell the story of the song & have fun whilst doing so”.