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3 Songs About Gambling Forever Loved By Country Fans



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Social networking sites have always influenced the music industry. However, over the last two years, we have seen their impact on an even larger scale. Despite this outside influence, there are a few no-brainers for what country music fans enjoy. After all, country music is versatile. We have songs about falling in love – and more than a few about falling out of it. There are songs about family, songs about beers with the boys, and songs about driving on the wide-open road. There have also been a few songs about gambling that have taken the country genre by storm. Below are three songs about gambling that are in the country music hall of fame.

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rodgers turned this song into a No. 1 hit in 1978. It’s about two men, one of which is referred to as “the gambler”. He tells the narrator that he has to know what to throw away and what to keep. It’s a great line, but it also highlights the importance of studying odds when you’re gambling. For instance, if you’re betting on which countries will win Eurovision, an international song contest that’s produced some of the most underrated country songs, it’s essential to look at live Eurovision betting odds. Doing so will allow you to know which countries are moving up in the ranks and which countries you should throw away.

Even though Don Schlitz wrote The Gambler in 1976, and many other artists covered it, country fans will always remember the Kenny Rogers version. In fact, it was so much of a hit that Rogers won a Grammy two years later for best male country vocal performance. Johnny Cash also liked this version so much that he put his own spin of The Gambler on his 1978 album Gone Girl, which was also his 58th album.

A Good Run of Bad Luck by Clint Black

The Gambler provides literal gambling advice, but this song uses gambling metaphors to describe falling in love. The music video sports a dark room with cards on the floor, and the song, released in 1994, hit No. 1 on the United States and Canadian country charts.

Source: Unsplash

Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House by Dennis Robbins

Recorded in 1987 by Dennis Robbins, Two of A Kind, Workin’ on a Full House reached No. 71 on the Billboard country charts. Garth Brooks reiterated its popularity when he released his version in 1991. The song is about a man and his wife, and the title uses poker hands to describe their relationship.

Country music is evolving and who knows where the genre will be in a few years? It’s already changed so much, with Tik Tok shaping music and Lil Nas X reminding the world that country rap can be a mainstream genre, too. That said, there are a few things that will never change. Country songs about love, family, faith, and even gambling won’t be going anywhere – and that’s a promise.

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