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5 Things You Should Never Do In A Casino



Casinos are absolutely wonderful establishments, especially when you find yourself in the more upmarket and decadent ones that can be found in places such as Las Vegas. Seriously, casinos come alive in these locations, as they often contain so much more than just a few casino gambling games you can play today – in the Nevada desert gambling mecca they even contain zoos

With so much to offer there is a lot you can do in a casino in the 21st century, and most of these things are simply a lot of fun. However, here is the thing: there are also a good few things that you should never do in a casino, because if you do so you could end up either bankrupt or in a lot of trouble, or both! Read ahead for 5 things you should never do in a casino. 

Get too drunk 

Naturally you are going to want to have a few drinks in a casino whilst you are gambling – who doesn’t it? You do have to be careful here though, otherwise things can quickly spiral majorly out of hand. And to make things worst, big casinos will try and pump you full of as many free drinks as possible, because they know that a drunk gambler isn’t nearly as good as a sober one. 

So keep your wits about you, and just do not get too drunk. A few drinks is fine, but remember you are at the casino to gamble, not simply to drink. 

Play American roulette instead of European 

This is a common mistake that many first time casino gamblers will end up making. Roulette is probably the most immediately attractive casino table game there is, so we are not surprised that first time players immediately rush to the roulette wheel when they enter a casino for the first time. 

What you may not know is that there are two types of roulette available: American and European. The latter is your best bet, as it has half the house edge of the US version as a result of only one zero value on the wheel. 

Spend your entire life savings 

Do we really have to explain why this is something you shouldn’t do? Gambling is addictive and fun, one of the main reasons you should always set a specific gambling budget aside when you go to the casino. Do not, for whatever reason, start dipping into your savings. You will regret it. Big time. 

Lose track of time and stay for too long 

Ever wondered why it is pretty much impossible to keep track of the time in casinos? Well, most of these places purposely remove any kind of clock once you are inside, with the intention of having you completely forget what time it is. 

This is in order to make you gamble for as long as possible, something you should be wary of 

Don’t forget to tip

In places such as Las Vegas it is customary to tip the dealer every now and again, if you do not you might well get some sour looks.

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