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‘Bluebonnets’ Finally Getting The Recognition It Deserves



“My name is Aaron Watson. I’m not played on country radio”…..Well, it seems like times are changing! Big shout out to Aaron this week…his new single ‘Bluebonnets’ has just climbed into the top 30 on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart!

The Country Breakout Chart is based upon airplay using a sample of 100 US country radio stations. Also, the song now has over 1.5 million streams on Spotify, certainly no more than it deserves. A deeply personal track written about the tragic loss of his daughter Julia Grace shortly after birth, it’s country music at its very best. Let’s keep this going and push this gem of a track to where it belongs – right at the top of the charts.

Did you get a chance to see Aaron in the UK in January? If not, you missed a truly stunning, energetic show. He’ll be back very soon, that’s for sure!

Check out ‘Bluebonnets’ below:

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