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Abby Anderson Releases Powerful Video For “Bad Posture”



Abby Anderson

Abby Anderson returned with a new attitude on her recent single “Bad Posture.” While the reflective, self-empowerment anthem was personally about her own struggles in the music industry, the powerful song immediately began to resonate with those facing domestic violence.
“I’ve been blown away by the response to this song. The messages I’ve been receiving from women in abusive relationships and those impacted by domestic abuse was so unexpected,” shares Anderson.
Directed by actress Eliza Taylor, from the hit series “The 100,” the just released video for “Bad Posture” depicts Anderson’s struggles in an abusive relationship before finding the courage to leave. Although the video concept was in place before fan reaction to the song, it was important for Anderson the video direct viewers to the resources available at National Domestic Violence Hotline after the flood of messages she received.
“I hope this song and video both give anyone that might be going through this a voice, strength to leave or just help them not feel as alone,” Anderson continues. “Because they truly are not alone. Organizations like National Domestic Violence Hotline are there to help. It is why we wanted to spotlight them in the video so anyone watching can get the help they need.”

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