Adam Hambrick Releases ‘Top Down, Southbound’



Adam Hambrick has unveiled his latest release, titled Top Down, Southboundcomprised of his two new songs “Sunshine State of Mind” and “Do The Math.”

The project is the first of three releases, which Adam playfully describes as ‘Flip Sides,’ a series of two track releases bound together by a common thread. Written by Adam Hambrick, Kelly Archer, and Gordie Sampson, the hypnotic “Sunshine State of Mind” creates a mood evocative of driving down a warm Spanish coast. The poignant “Do The Math,” penned by Hambrick, David Fanning, and Nick Donley, measures a man’s pain by adding up the drinks he uses to drown it. 

Adam will continue to drop Flip Sides through the Fall and the beginning of 2021, culminating into a complete body of work.


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