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ALBUM REVIEW: Brett Young – “Weekends Look A Little Different These Days”



Brett Young is a certified hitmaker. Over the past five years he’s become one of the biggest stars in country music, with massive hit songs including ‘Mercy’, ‘Lady’ and ‘In Case You Didn’t Know.’ This year, the California native turned forty, and in this new record Weekends Look A Little Different These Days, he reflects on lessons learned, life changes and growing up.

The album starts with title track ‘Weekend Look A Little Different These Days’. This opener about fatherhood and marriage truly lays the solid foundation for the album’s theme:

“I used to stay up late and sleep in all day long / Now it’s bed by nine and wake up with the dawn”

It’s clear that Young has become a family man, and what makes this album so personable is his own unique take on the changes that come with age. These songs manage to gracefully reminisce about younger days whilst also observing the wonder of everyday life in the present.

‘Dear Me’ is a great example of the aforementioned lyrical class, narrating someone telling their younger self to appreciate every second and that it ‘will all work out’. A classic theme in country music from years gone by, and Young’s soulful voice really brings out the raw emotion of the lyrics.

Produced by Dan Huff, there’s a freshness to Young’s sound whilst still saying true to what has made him such a universal success. You’ll find some traditional instrumentation throughout the album, particularly on ‘This’. The instrumentation is beautiful, with use of pedal steel and traditional country sounds that give it real texture. It’s a real ear-worm and a delight to listen to. Another hugely infectious offering is ‘You Got Away With It’, a fun toe-tapper that will make you want to dance.

The lead single from the album, ‘Lady’, written by Jon Nite, Ross Copperman and Young, was written for Young’s daughter and outlines his hopes that she grows up to be a strong, amazing woman, just like her mother:

“You’ll always be my baby, but look at her, baby girl / And you’ll learn how to be a lady”

Another addition to Brett Young’s ever-growing string of #1 hits, and you wouldn’t bet against ‘Not Yet’ in its quest to follow suit.

The album comes to a close with ‘You Didn’t’. Depicting the pain of unrequited love, and the maturity that comes with going through heart break, this song is a real stand-out, co-written with Ashley Gorley, Jimmy Robbins, Jon Nite.

Overall, this is Young’s best release to date which showcases a wiser, more mature side, whilst still staying true to the country-pop sounds that have made Young one of the genre’s front-runners as far as country radio is concerned.

Lauren Wyatt

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