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Are Online Slots One Of The Most Common Hobbies For Men Today?



Since 1996 the traditions of gambling have gradually eroded away and have been replaced by new rules. This change reflects the new look of the transformed gambling environment in the UK and across many other parts of the world.  The reasons for the break in gambling traditions can be traced to the move that gambling made from the real world to the virtual one. It was a game changing and vital move that ensured the future of gambling – visit Slots Baby now. This is why there is record breaking gambling revenue today and gambling is riding a wave of popularity that has never been witnessed before, throughout the history of modern gambling. 

Breaks With Tradition 

People’s views on traditional gambling would differ from person to person, but one aspect that would dominate is that gambling was a man’s world and a male dominated pastime. This would be accurate because before online casinos opened up and transformed the market, gambling was indeed, a male dominated affair. The main gambling outlets before gambling went digital was betting shops and casinos. Most of the clientele was male, whilst females traditional stuck to bingo halls for their gambling kicks. 

Sea Change 

In 1996, the first online casino opened its doors and although it was more table game focused, it wasn’t long before the video slot invasion got underway. These games along with other forms of gambling became widely available to the public and everything could be accessed from the comfort of punter’s homes. Because a huge junk of gambling moved online, it tempted more people from more diverse backgrounds to dip their toes in the gambling pool. More women moved from bingo to slots and the mass appeal of these games was also hugely popular with a female audience. It is thought that 39% of online slots spinners are female and this number is predicted to continuously increase year on year. However, this shows that online slots are still a major player with male gamblers and this is despite table games and sports gambling being regularly available at online casinos too. 

Gambling Differences Between The Sexes 

Men and women are attracted to gambling for similar reasons and these include fun, excitement and the chance to win money. However, men are attracted to different types of gambling to women. Men love table games but they also love betting on sports such as football. Despite this, online slots are still a major draw to male gamblers. Many men play regularly and they are inspired by the mostly male dominated slot streamers that post their gaming exploits live on the web. Men tend to gamble more and spend more money on gambling, they are also more likely to take higher risks and spin high-risk high gain slots. 

Final Thoughts 

Men still dominate the gambling world, but not to the degree they used to. Slots are the most popular form of gambling for men and many male punters indulge in their hobby on a regular basis.

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