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Ashley Monroe Releases Official Video For ‘Til It Breaks’



Ashley Monroe has released the official video for “’Til It Breaks,” the second song from her forthcoming fifth studio album Rosegold, coming April 30th.

“‘Til It Breaks” was co-written by Monroe, Ashley Ray and Ben West, who also produced the song.

“Ashley Ray and Ben West are two of my favorite humans and writers on planet Earth. I had the ‘let it melt away’ melody and lyric going, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to be written yet,” explains Monroe. “This was RIGHT before the pandemic days, so I didn’t know how true and deep these words would hit me now. I forgot who said the hook line, but it slayed us all as soon as it was spoken. It’s one of those titles I can’t believe we got to write. I also had a dear friend of mine on my mind during that time who was going through a dark season. Now when I listen, I am singing this message to myself too.”

On March 25th, Ashley will be talking to the Destination Country team about her upcoming album, taking questions directly from fans and playing two acoustic songs. The event is free to attend and you can register here:

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