SPOTLIGHT: Ashton Lane Set To Release New Album ‘The In-Between’

On the back of Ashton Lane’s successes in 2017 with a Country Music Number 1 Single and Number 2 EP, 2018 kicked off with a sold-out 13 date UK tour and extensive European touring in Germany, Austria, Norway, and Denmark.

Ashton Lane have also been working hard in the studio writing and recording two new albums, the first of which, The In-Between, is out next Friday (November 30th).

Each of the tracks on The In-Between has been co-written with an Ashton Lane fan including the lead single from the album, Marilyn Curls. Marilyn Curls was co-written with Elaine Anderson and is inspired by the tragic story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be executed in the UK.

With the back catalogue having sold in excess of 30,000 albums independently, their new album  ‘The In-Between’ is set to continue to solidify Ashton Lane and their unique direct-to-fan model as one of the most exciting bands in the emerging UK Country scene.