Ashton Lane Release Video For New Single ‘Breathe You In’


“When we came to make the video for ‘Breathe You In’ we wanted to give people the feeling of what our summer has been like! Playing at festivals, traveling around in our truck with the family and soaking in the vibes of the summer… For me, there is nothing quite like a music festival with the sun shining and music in the air.

The song tells of a longing to get out of our busy cities and lives, head for the hills and those wide-open spaces where we can breathe a little deeper…”

In the words of lead singer Esther O’Connor: “I love living in Scotland. Tim and I are based in the heart of the city yet a short road trip north of Glasgow and we’re in the expanse of lochs, mountains, rivers and forests.

Crunching along a pebble beach with the wind stinging my face reminds me I’m alive and it’s good to be!”

The band have enjoyed a great summer festival season, from small rural events, Fynefest, in the Scottish Highlands and country music weekend at Buckle and Boots to the Hard Rock stage at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival.

Having now just headlined the Sunday night of Millport Country Festival, following on from the Shires playing the night before they are now looking forward to heading to Austria and Bavaria later in the year.

Esther said “We travel with the whole family, hire a splitter and cover a lot of miles in 3 weeks on the road. Over the last couple of years, we have gigged and road tripped around Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany. All stunning places to visit as we play meet people and share our music.”

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