Bailey Bryan Announces ‘Perspective’ EP


Bailey Bryan has revealed she will share more new music with fans, setting her anticipated ‘Perspective’ EP to release next Friday, October 11th and available for pre-order now.

“Now that I’ve gone through [releasing an EP before], I know what I like. So it was important for me to find a producer who was going to be okay with me being in the studio 24/7, and sharing how each song sounded in my head,” Bryan explains. Post Malone and SZA served as metaphorical North Stars throughout the recording process for Bryan and producer Clint Lagerberg, as did former indie rockers-gone-big league-band Arcade Fire. Together, they culled Bryan’s favourite musical moments—“I’d reference a drum sound in a hip-hop song, and then a guitar sound in a Fleetwood Mac song”—and weave them behind her words. 

1. “Songbird”
(Bailey Bryan, Michael Hardy, Dennis Matkosky)

2. “Where We Started”
(Bailey Bryan, Scott Harris, Wrabel, Smarterchild)

3. “Perspective” (Demo)
(Bailey Bryan, Joe Ginsberg, Fancy Hagood)

4. “Watered Down” 
(Bailey Bryan, Jessie Jo Dillon, Blake Hubbard)

5. “Pressure” 
(Bailey Bryan, Joe Ginsberg)

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