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Barry Zito – ‘No Secrets’ EP (Release Date: January 27th)



Barry Zito baseball fans are about to become Barry Zito music fans! The retired major league pitcher is finally pursuing his lifelong dream of writing and recording music and has recorded his very first EP. Barry’s debut, NO SECRETS will be released on January 27th.

Zito has been playing guitar since his early 20’s, while on the road in the minor leagues, and he began dabbling in songwriting for fun a few years later. Born with a natural athletic ability, he’s also always possessed a love and talent for music that he comes by quite naturally. Zito grew up in a household surrounded by music. His father Joe worked as a conductor/arranger for Nat King Cole and eventually an artist manager, and his mother Roberta had been one of Cole’s backup singers in the Merry Young Souls. Barry recalls having a fascination with music pretty early on.

After retiring from his baseball career in 2015, Zito immediately turned his full attention to that second love and began crafting the songs that would fill his first album. You could almost say it was fate or kismet that brought the World Series winner full circle to a Triple A team in Music City right before he retired, and for Zito, it was definitely a long, winding journey full of interesting twists and turns that landed him in Nashville and ultimately inspired the songs on NO SECRETS.

All songs written/co-written by Zito.

A Writer’s Perspective:

“Secret To Life” – “This song really speaks to the fact that I have experienced having money, some fame, and some other earthly treasures that most of us strive for in life to fulfill us. We are all guilty of thinking, ‘once I’ve get this next thing, I’ll finally be happy.’ After having those things and coming out the other side, I realized that I was no more happy and no less sad from possessing them. In the end there was never the magic pot of gold that was going to complete me. So at this point I can at least say for sure that I have eliminated my search for fulfillment in those things, just like the hook of the song says, ‘I may not know the secret to life but I know what it’s not.’

“Wrong” – This song is the most painful one on the record. The message is ‘I thought I had moved on from that wound in my past but I was wrong.’ In the song it is about a relationship that didn’t work out but it can be about anything from our pasts, and the things we try to do to move forward, even though deep down we probably still hurt. Every once in a while we see someone or hear a song in the midst of our day that brings all that pain back, like it was still happening in the moment.

“Undiscovered You” – “There is a side to every woman that is kept hidden and only one person gets to see, and what an honor it is to have her share those ‘undiscovered’ attributes. It is the ultimate sign of trust that a woman would show that side of her to a man and that is what I am singing about. I knew all the surface stuff when I was dating my wife Amber but I wanted to know the deep stuff that she never told anyone because she was too ashamed, the flaws, her deepest demons. True love is about being exposed and totally vulnerable. When somebody gives you that gift of trust, you must hold it as gently and nonjudgmentally as you can

“Hearts I Didn’t Break” – “Jameson Rogers and I wrote this, and we asked this question…’what would’ve happened if I hadn’t met this person on that path of being single that I was on for so long?’ I was single in Hollywood for 10 years and I was very career focused, and there were times when I had relationships that did not end well, non-mutual parting of ways, if you can call it that. So this song talks about how that special person, my wife Amber, came along and saved those hearts I didn’t break.”

“My Own Path” – “The inspiration from this song came from when I was having a very difficult time in my baseball career. I was living in this huge mansion and more miserable than ever. I was working with this psychologist and would email him about my daily misery. In his emails back, he would always sign them off with ‘keep carving your own path.’ I thought that was so cool because as messed up as my path was, at least it was mine, and he was encouraging me to embrace it. It was challenging at the time however, because I just wished so bad that I was on a different path. Years later I went into the writing room with fellow singer/songwriter Rick Brantley and mentioned ‘carving my own path’, and I told him the back story and we just started writing. Life is about learning more and more of who you are and accepting your place in life at all times, that’s what this song says.

“Home”- ”This is a song that’s about being completely lost, looking for that lifeline to bring you back to where you came from, that sense of safety and feeling okay, then realizing after searching high and low that you didn’t need much else than a change in perspective and some serious faith in something greater than yourself. It is a story that takes the listener on a journey, because I was on a crazy journey when I wrote it in 2011. I had just encountered my greatest career setback and was on crutches not able to play when I wrote it. This song gives me peace every time I hear it because it reminds me that I am never too far from where I am really want to be, which is simply just a place of internal peace and trust beyond all those earthly things that I know now will not bring true peace and contentment.”

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