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Billy Currington’s ‘It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To’ Is The No. 1 Song On Country Radio



bc_idhliut_singlephoto_hires_web-768x768Billy Currington’s ‘It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To’ is currently the #1 song on U.S. country radio, making it the tenth #1 single of his career. It is the second #1 single from his 2015 album ‘Summer Forever’, following the success of ‘Don’t It’. Billy co-wrote the track with Cary Barlowe and Shy Carter.

In an interview posted by UMG Nashville  – “A buddy of mine named Shy Carter called me up, he says ‘Well I’m over here with Cary Barlowe, here at your old publishing company, Major Bob”, the first company that gave me a publishing deal. He says, ‘Why don’t you stop by and say hello?’ So I pulled in, walked in, and we got to talking a little bit and it wasn’t long Cary started playing that guitar that you hear on the project,” says Billy. That melody, he started playing that melody. I don’t know what it was, I just started singing, singing lyrics, they just started coming out and Shy be like ‘Man, let’s write this down, let’s finish this’. Within a couple of hours we had finished the song and…I ain’t wrote a song in quite a while before that so it was nice to kinda get back into writing songs again and getting one on my own album.”

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