Billy Currington’s Latest Single Asks ‘Do I Make You Wanna?’


Billy Currington has just released his new single, “Do I Make You Wanna,” the follow-up to his No. 1 hit, “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To.” The song was written by Ashley Gorley, Zach Crowell, Matt Jenkins and Jerry Flowers. Billy knew he wanted it for his Summer Forever album.

“It just felt good. The lyrical content is written so perfect,” says Billy. “It’s a question — ‘Do I make you wanna dance real slow/do I make you wanna go fly down a two-lane road/am I that guy/am I the one that’s making you happy ‘cause I wanna know/do I make you wanna.’ It just spoke to me. I became a big fan. I listened to it over and over, so I had to record it.”

Billy already has a bunch of festival dates on the books for next year, but stay tuned to his website for more information.

Billy Currington talks about the feel of ‘Do I Make You Wanna’:


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