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Blake Shelton Announces 20th Anniversary ‘Austin’ Vinyl



Blake Shelton has announced that he will launch the pre-order for a special, limited edition “Austin” vinyl on April 16 – the exact date of the single’s release twenty years ago. True to the original single, the vinyl will also feature B-side track, “Problems At Home.” 

“I remember the first time I heard ‘Austin’ on the radio,” Shelton said. “I was driving on 440, and I kept looking to both sides trying to see if other drivers were singing along! At that time, the station had a slogan about how they played new artists and legends, and the DJ said something like, ‘Who knows… maybe this artist will become one of the legends.’ This song started it all for me. I couldn’t be prouder to celebrate its 20th anniversary.”  

The past 20 years have been legend-making for Shelton. With more than five billion on-demand streams, 28 chart-topping singles and award wins nearing the hundreds, he has cemented his place in country music history. Shelton continues to thrive, with his new single “Minimum Wage” approaching the Top 20 in just eight weeks.

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