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Brett Eldredge Announces New Single, ‘Gabrielle’



Three years on from the release of his fourth album, Brett Eldredge is returning with his brand new single “Gabrielle” to ask the question: “Was it your heart or mine?”. The new single will be available on all digital platforms this Friday (April 17th) and impacts radio on April 27th.

Having co-written the track alongside producers Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk (Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour), “Gabrielle” finds Eldredge reflecting on the end of a relationship and ultimately wishing the other person the best.

“’Gabrielle’ is about a love that didn’t quite work out and you always wonder what it could have been,” said Eldredge. “It could’ve ended up being something amazing and you wonder what they’re doing in their life right now and go back to those feelings when you hear the song.”

“Being on this journey with Brett has been profound for me on many levels,” said producer Ian Fitchuk. “I’m so proud of Brett and his ability to take a moment to self-reflect and search for what matters most and fully lean into where the heart is.”

“I have such huge respect for Brett’s talents, not only as a singer, but also as a communicator,” said producer Daniel Tashian. “His ability to connect with his audiences through songs is right up there with the greats. He grew up listening to a lot of Sinatra and it shows.”

To coincide with new music, Eldredge will be launching his first-ever official fan club, The Locals. Named for his love of travelling “like a local” and wanting to curate a space that feels like home, The Locals will be a go-to place for fans to receive news, music and more before the general public. To sign up or to learn more, visit

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