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Brett Eldredge Releases Emotional New Track, ‘Sunday Drive’



Brett Eldredge is counting down the days until the release of his forthcoming fifth studio album, Sunday Drive, available everywhere July 10th, and to celebrate, the album’s nostalgic title track is available everywhere now.

“Many years ago, I was an intern at universal music publishing where I worked in the basement tape room transferring CDs into MP3s,” Eldredge explained. “I loved listening to all of the incredible songwriters’ songs and was always blown away by what people could create from their soul. One day I stumbled upon this song called “Sunday Drive,” (written by Barry Dean, Don Mescall, Steve Robson) and I was stopped in my tracks. I couldn’t believe a song could be written by someone else but feel like every word and melody was every part of my life existence.

I secretly/selfishly hoped and prayed no one would record it so that one day when the time was right, I could record it and make it something extremely special. That day is today, and it happens to be the title of my album. I cannot wait for you to take this journey with this song, I know it will do something special to your heart and soul.”

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