Brett Eldredge Releases “I Feel Fine”



Brett Eldredge has shared his brand-new song, “I Feel Fine”, released today alongside the official music video, having performed the track on his recent UK tour.

“I hope the fans hear this song and think ‘I can also feel strong about myself and in control of my life,’” Eldredge shared. “Because things like your worries, anxieties and other people’s opinions can really weigh you down and I know how tough it can feel. But if you really find that power within yourself, then no one can dictate how you feel. No one gets to make that decision but you. I hope people are encouraged by this song to do that for themselves and be there for themselves.”

Earlier this month, Eldredge also announced his headlining Songs About You Tour, which kicks off in his home state of Illinois and will make several stops across North America. Tickets are on sale now at (full list of dates below).

Songs About You, coming June 17th, will feature 12 songs co-written by Eldredge including the previously released “Want That Back” and “Holy Water.”


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