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Brett Eldredge To Send ‘Good Day’ To Country Radio



Brett Eldredge is set to impact country radio with his inspiring single “Good Day” on Monday, March 1st.

Written by Eldredge alongside Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk, “Good Day” walks listeners through the powerful process of positive thinking, with Eldredge confident “it’s gonna be a good day” even when its “42, cold and rainy.” The track is featured on his fifth studio album, Sunday Drive.

“In our society everybody feels like we need to put on that perfect outer look. I got so tired of that. I didn’t want to do it anymore,” he explained. “This song says, you know, have the self-awareness… of being like, ‘I’m gonna make this a good day no matter what is thrown at me. I’ve been somebody who’s kind of scared of vulnerability a little bit, but I’ve started to realize that opening up and telling someone your thoughts and what’s going on in your world and having them help you find ways to cope with it is a big deal.”

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