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Brett Kissel Collaborates With Nelly On “She Drives Me Crazy” Remix



Brett Kissel has collaborated with multi-platinum selling superstar Nelly on a a DND remix of his previously released Platinum-certified single “She Drives Me Crazy”.

Available now on all platforms HERE.   

The collaboration came to fruition after fate brought the artists together in Music City. In 2019, Kissel wrote and recorded the track alongside Emma-Lee and Karen Kosowski in Nashville. After the recording session for the track, Kissel wandered over to The Thompson Hotel, where he then ran into Grammy award-winning artist, Nelly. Having met Nelly before, Kissel approached the global superstar, told him about recording the song, and proposed a collaboration over drinks. Kissel followed up the chance meeting by sending Nelly the track, at which point he agreed to join Kissel on the project.

Brett Kissel spoke of the track with Nelly, saying, ‘It’s absolutely crazy how the universe works. We literally just laid down this complete banger of a track, and as I’m with my team in Nashville, we start talking about needing an epic collab on this, and we bump into Nelly right then and there. That was it – a conversation turned into dinner, drinks, and Nelly getting in on it. It’s such a great vibe, and we couldn’t be happier or more excited about this remix.’

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