Brett Kissel To Kick Off 2020 With The Release Of New Album ‘Now Or Never’



Just months after his stateside debut with the release of “Drink About Me,” award-winning Country artist Brett Kissel is preparing to ring in the New Year with what he marks as the most exciting body of work he has ever created. His new album, Now Or Never, will be available worldwide on Jan. 1, 2020. 

Kissel commented, “New songs and a new direction. That was the goal. Often, a ‘new direction’ means straying from the original path. Some songs we kept on the path I’ve always walked. Some songs took me in the direction of my roots. Some songs took me in a new direction into uncharted waters. This album will have something for everybody.”

Following the success of his first release stateside, Kissel is looking forward to releasing a full-length project in the U.S, which he has poured his heart and soul into. Now Or Never is representative of this time in Brett’s life as he balances his career as one of the top acts on the Canadian Country music scene while working to establish himself as an artist in the United States. “This album symbolizes where I’m at in my life right now. It’s time to risk it all. It’s time to raise the bar. I’m not waiting for tomorrow,” Commented Kissel. 

Produced by Bart McKay, Jacob Durret and Brett Kissel, Now Or Never breaks new territory for Kissel with upbeat Pop-Country tracks such as “She Drives Me Crazy” to stripped-down heartfelt tracks such as “Coffee With Her,” which Kissel drew inspiration from the infamous Johnny Cash quote, “This morning, with her, having coffee” (when asked his description of paradise). It is clear that Kissel is heavily influenced by his loved ones as he continues to give fans and listeners an inside look into his life through his music. “My wife and my kids are the lifeblood of everything I do. The “C” tattooed on my hand for Cecilia, and the three birth dates on my arm mean everything to me. This album is for them, and it’s something I hope they can look back on with pride when they’re older,” added Kissel. 

Now Or Never Track Listing:

  1. “Drink About Me” 
  2. “A Few Good Stories”
  3. “That’s Country Music”
  4. “Young Enough”
  5. “Drives Me Crazy”
  6. “Hummingbird”
  7. “I’m Not Him, I’m Not Her” (Feat. Christina Taylor)
  8. “Coffee With Her”


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