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Brittany McLamb – ‘I Like Where This Is Going’



11402504_753297114786792_755800704006611480_oFrom the one stoplight town of Salemburg, North Carolina to the spotlight: Music City, TN, contemporary country artist Brittany McLamb brings to the table a unique blend of powerhouse vocals and a grassroots sound.

The small town girl with big-time vocals was immersed in country and gospel music from a young age. “I grew up watching Hee Haw, listening to Alabama and Randy Travis tapes in my mama’s old, white Monte Carlo and watching early 90’s country music videos that my sisters recorded on our VCR,” remembers McLamb.

With an entire family that loved country, bluegrass and gospel music, and extended members who sang in gospel groups, McLamb followed suit by joining her church’s youth choir where she was featured in several lead roles and solos.

She carried these skills and passion over to local talent shows and pageants. Passing down her crown and title of “Little Miss Salemburg,” McLamb gave her first vocal performance at the age of 10. Dressed the part in a fringe and rhinestone embellished cowgirl outfit topped off with a matching cowboy hat and boots, she sang a crowd pleasing rendition of “If You’re Not in it For Love” by Shania Twain. “I just remember hearing the whole elementary school gym roar in applause,” said McLamb. “I WAS SOLD! I knew at that point what I wanted to be when I grew up.”

By high school she had signed with a local talent agency that placed her as a performer on classic live television shows such as “Arthur Smith’s Carolina Calling” and the “The Jimmy Snow Gospel Hour,” where she traveled to Nashville to perform on the show, and she was well on her way to attaining her dream of being an entertainer.

The backwoods beauty queen stepped off the stage to focus on her education at East Carolina University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2007. But the spotlight kept calling her, so when a family friend introduced her to music industry veteran, Patsi Bale Cox, who had worked at several record labels as well as independent public relations firms, McLamb acted on her encouragement to move to Nashville to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Cox soon introduced her to the late Billy Block, whose long-standing radio show was a Nashville staple.

After spending nearly six years in Nashville building her network, honing her skills and interning for the Billy Block radio show, where she met her keyboard player and guitarist, the three of them soon began performing together around town. Before long, they were writing and recording together for McLamb’s first EP. The EP was released to iTunes July 23, 2013 and features sweet sounding power ballads such as “Summer Rain”, as well as, attitude songs like “Back from Your Goodbye” and “Mr. Right,” which was penned by McLamb herself.

Since the release of her debut self-titled EP, McLamb completed a three song project in early 2015 at Omni Studios with the incredible fiddle master Deanie Richardson and Singer/Songwriter Melonie Cannon at the helm, alongside some of Nashville’s best musicians. These original songs showcase McLamb’s dynamic vocal ability and depth, as well as, her country and bluegrass roots. Two of these recordings were released Fall 2015. A third single entitled “I Like Where This Is Going” was released in April 2016, which McLamb penned herself along with band member Phillip Howard and Lauren McLamb.

Fans can find McLamb performing songs from her debut EP, as well as, her new recordings at any of her upcoming live performances. McLamb’s musical talent, whether writing or performing, is a timeless treasure that has her poised for a long career in the spotlight.

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