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Brothers Osborne Release New Track ‘Hatin’ Somebody’



Brothers Osborne have released another a new track today, titled “Hatin’ Somebody”. Written by John and TJ Osborne along with Casey Beathard, “Hatin’ Somebody” will be featured on the duo’s upcoming third studio album, Skeletons, set to be released October 9th.

“We threw our grandfather into that song imagining ‘a stubborn hillbilly in the middle of the city, learning how not to throw stones,’” shares TJ. “As the song says, ‘we’re in the same damn boat and hating somebody ain’t ever got nobody nowhere.’” 

The Maryland natives also announced today exclusive Skeletons album packages, including limited-edition products such as autographed posters, tie dye t-shirts, marble orange vinyl and much more! Fans can learn more at

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