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C2C 2017: A Personal View and What We Know So Far



file-25-10-2016Don’t panic folks. There are still 5 months to go. The social media anticipation for the C2C announcements for next year’s festival was becoming a little intense. They were late in making the announcements and the conspiracy theories were straight out of the Donald Trump election bus. Finally we have the information, or most of it, and as expected the response has been generally positive. You can’t please everyone is the old adage and there are those who are, shall we say, underwhelmed.

A brief glance at the barometer of public opinion …Facebook shows the views of the masses or at least those who wish to express their opinion. This ranges from “amazing line up. C2C have done it again” to “this is pretty shit C2C. You’ve got the whole year to plan and negotiate and the best you come up with are ZBB, Brad Paisley and Chris Young who have been here like three times already”.

Based upon the scheduling for 2016 there were 3 acts on Friday and 4 acts for the main stage on Saturday and Sunday, a total of 11 acts. The announcement so far is for 10 acts and the speculation continues in relation to the other “headliner”. C2C have a lot of tickets to sell so may wait to see how they are selling before making the final announcement.  Who is in the running? Tim Mcgraw is touring with Faith so that’s a possibility. Blake’s never done C2C but seems pre-occupied with ‘The Voice’. Kenny would be huge but would Mr Chesney leave his comfort zone? He has to be an outsider.

C2C usually have an established country artist on the bill. Last year it was Dwight Yoakam. The year before it was Lee Ann Womack. Could the final jigsaw piece be someone like Shania Twain or, dare we say, Garth? No, that would be ridiculous wouldn’t it……

As for the announcements so far, Brad will delight most. His show at C2C in 2015 was a huge highlight. I can still recall the tube station with a mass of Paisley fans singing ‘Mona Lisa’. Hell, we even named this site after a Brad Paisley lyric. He’s a legend.

Zac Brown Band are a little trickier. If anyone has followed YLIAS you will know that we adore ZBB. We got into country music because of Zac. His band has to be up there with the best bands in the world. However, many thought that he had royally screwed up in 2015.  A quote on facebook (yes, that again) speaks for many. “the only one I’m a bit bothered about is ZBB. They played a bloody rock show last time and I know they had heavy criticism for it. Even had people leaving before the end of the set”.

He might have a point, but many left early when Eric Church closed the event last year. Maybe the 24 hour tube innovation will prevent this occurring. Zac needs to remember it’s a country festival and play country music. There isn’t anyone better but he does go off on a tangent at times. Please leave ‘Sir Rosevelt’ at home.

Don’t forget of course last year’s C2C featured 3 acts on the pop-up stage in the main arena and also ran shows in the Brooklyn Bowl and the Indigo, so there’s lots of information to be released yet.

Will they have the after parties this year and the song writers sessions? Who will be appearing there? C2C highlights and memories are not confined to the main arena. Personally it would be great to see some of the up and coming US acts. William Michael Morgan and Drake White would be awesome. Will they go even more ‘off piste’ and allow a platform to Cody Jinks or Jason Isbell. Now that would be interesting.

It’s exciting times. Don’t forget, 4 years ago the only way that you would be able to see the line up that has already been announced would be to board your aircraft and make the trip to the States.

At the moment there is a distinct lack of fiddle and steel guitar but still time to rectify that. As for specifics we are still awaiting daily line ups. The only snippets we can offer so far is that Brad will be playing London on Friday 10th March and will then appear in Dublin on Saturday and Glasgow on Sunday. Chris Young will be in London on Friday and Darius will be appearing in London on Sunday.

As tickets go on sale next Friday we expect further clarification that decisions can be made to buy tickets for individual days. Exciting times folks.

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