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C2C Review: Brett Eldredge – The O2, London



Credit: Aron Klein

Brett Eldredge’s debut at C2C had been a long time coming. In fact, his return to the UK in any capacity had been a long time coming; it had been over three years since we last saw him in London at KOKO. Brett is the perfect artist for the C2C main stage, bringing with him an array of smash hits, the ‘likeability factor’ and a high-energy stage presence. All the ingredients for a hugely successful debut, and that’s exactly what he delivered.

Brett’s set list consisted of all the recognised hits, as well as a selection of album tracks from across his three albums. He kicked off the show with ‘Lose My Mind’ and ‘Somethin’ I’m Good At’, which set the tone for an energetic, charismatic performance. A few ballads were thrown in towards the middle of the set, but aside from that, it was exactly what you would expect from Brett and his set cranked up the volume levels in preparation for Keith Urban.

His latest album ‘The Long Way’ was a very strong project and featured some of Brett’s best work to date, and his selection of songs from the album was great. ‘Cycles’ fast became a personal favourite for me upon the album’s release, and it sounded wonderful live with the depth and darkness of the melody and the overall dramatic feel of the song. The Bublé-esque ‘The Reason’ was a nice moment too which got everyone swaying along. His back catalogue is full of infectious, instantly loveable songs and it didn’t take long at all for the audience to engage.

Credit: Aron Klein

A real surprise addition to the set list was ‘Raymond’, which ended up being a huge highlight. Only the die-hard Eldredge fans would have been familiar with this one – it was his first ever single back in 2010, inspired by his grandmother who suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s written from the perspective of a nursing home worker about their relationship with a patient. Heart-wrenching stuff, and you could have heard a pin drop in the arena as Brett told the story and performed the song acoustically. He followed it up with his latest top 5 hit ‘The Long Way’ and of course ‘Mean To Me’, which prompted the 20,000 in attendance to shine their phone lights. It was some spectacle!

There were some real fun moments in the set, particularly ‘Love Someone’. As he started the song, in reference to the song’s hilarious music video, a section of the audience held up laminates of Edgar (his dog) which Brett took a liking to! It’s making its way up the charts and is surely destined to be another big hit – it’s impossible not to dance to!

‘Beat Of The Music’ was the closing song and took us right back to album one. Still one of Brett’s strongest songs and evidently a big crowd favourite. Brett had a difficult job to follow Cam’s sensational set, but he passed the test with flying colours. Let’s hope he doesn’t keep us waiting quite as long for his next return!

Dan Wharton

Set List:
1. Lose My Mind
2. Somethin’ I’m Good At
3. Cycles
4. Don’t Ya
5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen cover)
6. Raymond
7. The Long Way
8. Mean to Me
9. Love Someone
10. Drunk On Your Love
11. The Reason / My Girl
12. Time Well Spent
13. Wanna Be That Song
14. Beat of the Music

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