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C2C REVIEW: Darius Rucker – The O2, London



Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker had made no secret of the fact that he’d been looking forward to this one. Having performed at the very first C2C all those years ago, this was a huge opportunity for him to stamp his mark, and right from the off, you could see how much it meant. You can’t help but love the guy – such a humble, heart-warming presence with a bag full of mega-hits.

“Homegrown Honey,” “Radio” and “Southern State Of Mind” kicked off proceedings. Timeless classics that we’ll still be partying to for many years to come. The list goes on and on – the likes of “Alright,” “Come Back Song” and “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It” are country standards – it was a nostalgia overload from start to finish.

Darius Rucker

We were also treated to a brand new song, “Same Beer Different Problem,” written with Old Dominion’s Brad Tursi, which is just as playful as the title suggests. One of those classic front porch drinking songs, it’s got all the right ingredients for a summer time smash. Definitely one to slot into the “Beers and Sunshine” category, which is another one that fitted seamlessly into the set list.

Darius treated the long-term fans to some Hootie and the Blowfish favourites along the way – always a feature in his solo sets. “I Only Wanna Be With You” has to be one of the greatest songs in existence to perform live, and “Hold My Hand” and “Let Her Cry” are just huge anthems. Never one to ignore his path to greatness, Darius still clearly gets a huge kick out of throwing some of the oldies in.

Darius Rucker

We hate to highlight a negative, but it was clear at times that Darius was struggling with the in-ear monitors. The performance of “This” was rather painful, but we’ll let him off for that! Not the sound guy’s finest evening by any stretch, but it didn’t detract from an otherwise fine set.

Darius obviously couldn’t leave us without a performance of the iconic “Wagon Wheel,” and he brought out UK artist Lucy Blu, too, following a Twitter conversation last year. A true measure of the man, Darius kept his promise of inviting her on stage – such a lovely gesture for an up-and-coming artist, and proof to aspiring artists that nothing is out of reach.

It’s always party time when Darius is in town. Still one of country music’s finest performers, he delighted The O2 crowd and put on the perfect finale to what was a fantastic Saturday night. More than worthy of that headline slot, this was the pinnacle for a guy who’s paid his dues for many years here in the UK. A true legend of our time.

Set List:

  1. Homegrown Honey
  2. Radio
  3. Southern State of Mind
  4. Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It
  5. For the First Time
  6. Same Beer Different Problem
  7. Come Back Song
  8. History in the Making
  9. Let Her Cry (Hootie & the Blowfish song)
  10. Beers and Sunshine
  11. Alright
  12. Family Tradition (Hank Williams, Jr. cover with Brett Young and Scotty McCreery)
  13. If I Told You
  14. Hold My Hand (Hootie & the Blowfish song)
  15. All I Want
  16. Only Wanna Be With You (Hootie & the Blowfish song)
  17. This
  18. Valerie (The Zutons cover)
  19. Hands On Me
  20. Wagon Wheel (With Lucy Blu)

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