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C2C REVIEW: Flatland Cavalry – The O2, London



flatland cavalry
Credit: Anthony Mooney

In C2Cs of years gone by, the second slot on the Sunday has been taken by a ‘legend’ act, taking Lyle Lovett, Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives and Emmylou Harris as examples. It’s always been an enjoyable, chilled part of the festival, giving audience members who may not otherwise have heard the music the opportunity to soak up an unfamiliar, yet well-renowned, artist.

This year was different, and saw the arrival of Flatland Cavalry at The O2. Probably a new name for the majority in attendance (aside from those of you who’d thoroughly done their research, as we know you do!), it’s a tough ask for a band to make their mark in front of a new, huge arena crowd. We’re pleased to report that Flatland Cavalry passed the test with their easy-listening, charismatic brand of old-school, red dirt Texas country.

flatland cavalry

The set list spanned across the band’s three studio albums to date, kicking off with the delightful “Some Things Never Change” from their 2021 album Welcome To Countryland, all the way to favourites like “Some Things Never Change” from their 2016 debut Humble Folks.

Let it be known, these guys are immense masters of their craft. The solos from fiddle player Wesley Hall were truly magnificent to watch, and as a band they’re just so tight, particularly when you consider all of their instruments had been left by the airline in Dublin.

Truly likeable guys, too. Their humility and gratefulness for the opportunity came across in bucket-loads; the kind of guys you really want to root for.

flatland cavalry

A cover of the John Denver classic “Take Me Home, Country Roads” was always going to be a hit with the crowd too, and prompted a massive singalong which cranked up the atmosphere. They got the set list spot on; just the right pace to keep the crowd engaged, and enough to showcase all facets of their musical output.

We’ve seen artists grasp that slot and go on to have successful tours in the UK – Marty Stuart being the prime example. Flatland Cavalry would have raised a few eyebrows with this set, and hopefully they’ll give it a real good shot in the UK, as we’d be delighted to have them back any time. A thoroughly enjoyable set from a group of unbelievably talented musicians.

Set List:

  1. Some Things Never Change
  2. A Cowboy Knows How
  3. One I Want
  4. No Ace In The Hole
  5. Old School
  6. Country Is…
  7. Gettin’ By
  8. A Life Where We Work Out
  9. Take Me Home, Country Roads (John Denver cover)
  10. No Shade of Green
  11. Dueling Banjos
  12. Stompin’ Grounds

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