C2C REVIEW: Kacey Musgraves – Saturday 10th March 2018, The O2

Credit: Anthony Mooney

Throughout the build up to C2C, the question on everyone’s lips was ‘is Kacey headline material?’ It kind of became tiresome after a while. By gosh, did she prove them wrong? Kacey Musgraves, Saturday night’s C2C headliner, arguably had the biggest challenge of the weekend in London. Not only was it the Saturday evening of the festival, possibly the most populated and the ‘party night’, but she had also received huge backlash ever since she was announced as a headliner, but let’s not get into that. Kacey put on a magnificent performance and if we’re talking about music, she is considered one of the best in country music.

Kacey’s set has always been very chilled and traditional sounding, as the previous visits she’s made to the UK show us, but this year’s C2C set slightly differed, in a complimenting way. Kacey was a lot more relaxed, utilising the whole stage and at one point even making her way through the audience to the ‘B’ stage at the back of the arena. She also ditched the so-called ‘gimicky pink cowgirl’ persona, instead presenting herself in an astounding glittery, multi-coloured bodysuit bringing out her sexier, more adult side.

She balanced out the set list with equal amounts of old songs like ‘Follow your Arrow’ and ‘Keep it to Yourself’, as well as new unheard song such as ‘Velvet Elvis’ and ‘Rainbow’. ‘Rainbow’ was in fact a highlight of the set, after Kacey had made her way to the ‘B’ stage, she proceeded to play us this unheard song acoustically. It brought the crowd to a silence; you could feel the emotion in every word Kacey so delicately sang as she was surrounded in a sea of adoring fans literally at her feet. Not a gal to play it safe and stay in line with the ‘rules’, Kacey opened with a new unheard song under the name of ‘Slow Burn’, a very bold choice at that but boy did the risk pay off. She immediately had us all in the palm of her hand and interested to see what else she was going to let us indulge in. The fact that two new songs were released shortly prior to Kacey’s UK visit worked strongly in her favour, as arguably ‘Space Cowboy’ got the biggest cheer of the night.

The debate about Kacey being headliner will no doubt continue to be a topic of conversation, but at the end of the day, Kacey Musgraves is releasing some of the best music coming out of the country music genre right now. She stands so true to herself, so honest and following the quote us country fans live by, ‘Three chords and the truth’. She completely captivates the audience with how her flawless vocal delivery puts the words she sings into our hearts. Kacey, I can’t wait for your return in October. The new songs were going down a treat in London on Saturday night – the new album ‘Golden Hour’ is already set to be a huge success, due for release 30thMarch 2018. We really can’t wait!

Shannon Hynes

1. Slow Burn
2. Stupid
3. Butterflies
4. Silver Lining
5. Fine
6. Mama’s Broken Heart
7. Late to the Party
8. Love is a Wild Thing
9. Family is Family
10. It is What it is
11. Keep it to Yourself
12. Velvet Elvis
13. Rainbow
14. High Time
15. Space Cowboy
16. Follow Your Arrow
17. Merry Go ‘Round
18. Neon Moon (Brooks & Dunn cover)
19. High Horse

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