Carly Pearce & Ashley McBryde Share “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” Video

never wanted to be that girl

Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde have revealed their music video for “Never Wanted To Be That Girl.” The pair joined forces with director Alexa Campbell to film scenes of their parallel lives out of sync with the wrong guy.

Co-produced by Shane McAnally, “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” is sung from the perspective of two women – the single girl thanking the guy who helped change her flat tire and the wife at home – who learn their partner is involved with someone else. 

“What’s interesting about this song is we could have gone to a place of blame on the others in the love triangle, but we turned it inward. It’s unique that two women who never meet are getting burned by the same man and having the exact same feelings. We intentionally kept the chorus the same to reflect that neither wanted to be in this position,” shares Carly.  

Ashley continues, “so many of us know how it is when you go back and start putting all of those pieces together. That moment when you realize the gut punch of the situation. This song isn’t really about being the other woman or even being messed around on as much as it’s about these two people who are exhibiting behaviours they normally wouldn’t – checking text messages, making excuses for why their dates are only on Tuesdays – and realizing it’s all because of the same person.”

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