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Caroline Jones Kicks Off Series Of New Music With ‘What A View’



Caroline Jones kicked off a series of new music releases, in which she will put out a new song on the last Friday of each month, with her song “What A View” and its accompanying music video. “What a View” was written by Jones and co-produced by Grammy and Academy Award winner Ric Wake (Mariah Carey, Trisha Yearwood)

Directed by projectblackboxx, the official music video plays into the song’s title, offering stunning scenic views of Colorado, as Caroline explores both on the ground and from the sky, courageously flying a plane herself.

“I’m so excited to be able share new music during this time. It allows me to stay connected with my creativity and my audience, whom I deeply miss playing for in person. That’s why I’ve decided to release a new song and/or video the last Friday of every month for this upcoming project,” Caroline said. 

“The first song, ‘What a View,’ is about the journey of relationships — romantic and otherwise. Navigating life’s ups and downs with the one(s) I love, during immense challenges and great joys, has made me a stronger, wiser and better person. Experience provides us with a wider lens, or a more beautiful ‘view.’ This song is especially meaningful when I think of my team, who has supported me, challenged me, mentored me and nurtured my creativity over the past few years. As an independent artist, this startup mentality/tribal spirit keeps me inspired and allows me to create very purely.”

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