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Caroline Jones Releases New EP ‘All Of The Boys’



Caroline Jones has today released her brand new EP ‘ All of the Boys’, which features genre-spanning new mixes of her new single of the same name.

A celebration of music for all, the EP features three new versions, across different genres, of Caroline’s new single of the same name. “All of the Boys” was co-written by Jones and country star, mentor and friend Zac Brown, with whom she toured for the past three summers. See full tracklisting below. All of the Boys EP is now available for digital download and streaming here.

The original album version of “All of the Boys” was featured on Jones’ Chasin’ Me EP (October 18, 2019 / Mailboat Records). Though rooted in country, Jones’ appreciation for music spans to all different sounds, which is evident in this EP that includes a Country Mix (remixed by Justin Niebank), Dance Mix (remixed by Andrelli) and a Coffee House Mix (produced by Jones and Ric Wake). 

All of the Boys’ was really fun to co-produce (with Ric Wake) because the song presented an opportunity to blend country/rock elements with synth pop elements. On the surface, the song is very sexy, sassy and fun, but at the core it’s actually a song about commitment. So there are many lyrical layers to play into, musically,” Caroline said.

I love the vibrancy and energy of dance music and have always wanted to reimagine my songs in that style, so I am thrilled to have collaborated with Andrelli on the Dance Mix. The Country Mix highlights the organic instruments that I play in my live show, like banjo and guitar. And then we completely stripped down the song and instrumentation for the The Coffee House mix, which features only upright bass, acoustic guitar, Rhodes piano and brushes on the drums. I am so excited to present these 4 different colors of “All of the Boys” and see how fans connect to them.

All of the Boys EP Tracklisting:

1. All of the Boys

2. All of the Boys (Country Mix)

3. All of the Boys (The Coffee House Mix)

4. All of the Boys (Dance Mix)

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