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Caroline Jones Shares “Big Love” From Upcoming Sophomore Album



Caroline Jones

Caroline Jones has released her new track “Big Love” from her forthcoming sophomore studio album, expected later this year. Stream the electric new song HERE

The official video has Jones’ musicianship on full display as she incorporates gritty, progressive rock elements to the Fleetwood Mac cover using a Godin Multiac Nylon String. She explains:

“This arrangement for “Big Love” is based on Lindsey Buckingham’s solo acoustic performances from his live albums. My good friend and collaborator, Nir Z, showed Lindsey’s solo version to me on tour a few years ago and basically dared me to try to the learn the guitar part! It is incredibly fast, technical, and rhythmically complex. It took me months and months to learn it.

During the summer of 2019, Nir and I worked up a live arrangement of the song that incorporates progressive rock elements. The live reaction was explosive. It is very different for me — intense, gritty, dark, and wild.”

“Big Love” follows the release of Caroline Jones’ current sassy single “Come In (But Don’t Make Yourself Comfortable).”

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