Caroline Jones Shares ‘Come In’ Music Video

Caroline Jones has shared the official music video for her latest single “Come In (But Don’t Make Yourself Comfortable).”

Directed by PROJECTBLACKBOXX (Jennifer Lopez, Steve Aoki, Noah Cyrus) and produced by Alley Long, the cinematic video features an electrifying line dance, choreographed by TikTok creator McKenzi Brooke.

“This video is a barn burner!! It is our largest video production to date, and as my fans will see, it’s very different from all of my previous music videos.” said Jones “It was a challenge to find a country and western bar in New Zealand, but we did it! Working with an all-New Zealander cast was especially refreshing as they were all very joyful, pure, and genuine people. I believe that energy comes across in the dancing and throughout the video too.”

“Come In (But Don’t Make Yourself Comfortable)” was co-written and co-produced by Jones from New Zealand, where she spent the majority of the previous year working on her forthcoming sophomore studio album.

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