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Cassadee Pope Releases ‘Summer’ EP and Video



Cassadee Pope has released her brand new EP titled ‘Summer’. The 4-track EP is an insight into her growth as an artist, showing “all the different sides of my personality, my upbringing, why I am the way I am.” It has been nearly 3 years since the release of her debut album ‘Frame By Frame’, which followed her success winning The Voice in the US.

Cassadee told The Boot “I feel like when I first came onto the scene, I was a little more timid; I wasn’t sure exactly where to go, how to act. I’ve always loved country music, but I came into people thinking that I’m this pop-rock girl that’s never done country, and I just wanted so badly to prove everybody wrong and to show everybody that these are my roots. I wasn’t paying attention to what I was really putting out there; I think what I put out there was kind of a watered-down version of myself. I’m so, so grateful for the success of the first album; “Wasting All These Tears” changed my life. But I think this is a completely different situation: I’m baring it all, really, in my lyrics; I’m showing the good, the bad, the ugly. I’m being very vulnerable, but also empowering, and I think that’s where I am, mentally, and also totally through my music, you can hear that.”

She has also released the music video for the title track ‘Summer’; check it out below!

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