Destination Country Introduces: Caroline Marquad


Today, we’re launching ‘Destination Country Introduces’, a new initiative that will see us working with three exciting emerging artists over the next six months! We’ll be unveiling the artists one at a time, starting right here and continuing at 3pm Wednesday and Friday. We’re delighted to unveil the first of […]

New Release Round-Up: May 28th


GRACE POTTER – ‘EACH OTHER’ This one features Jackson Brown, Marcus King and Lucius. We will increasing see how the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced songwriters in the weeks and months to come. “I don’t know where we are going, but if the going gets rough, we’ve got each other… And […]

New Release Round-Up: May 21st


KELLEIGH BANNEN – ‘THE OPTIMIST’ We could all do with a little extra optimism right now and Kelleigh Bannen supplies it in spades with this exquisite ballad that showcases her talent as one of the emerging females in Nashville. She said that this was only intended originally as a home […]

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