New Release Round-Up: January 26th


MARTY STUART  – ‘I’VE BEEN AROUND’ It’s always good to hear new music from Marty Stuart, and we start this week’s highlights list with his contribution to the new Johnny Cash project, ‘Forever Words’, featuring various artists’ interpretations of the songs that Cash penned during his long and illustrious career. […]

New Release Round-Up: January 19th


SEAFORTH – ‘BREAKUPS’ We have been following the career development of Seaforth since we were blown away by their ‘Love That’ EP in April 2019.  They are signed to Sony Nashville and it appears that the push is now on to progress into the country mainstream. Tom Jordan and Mitch […]

SPOTLIGHT: Lydia Luce Releases New Song, ‘All The Time’


Nashville singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lydia Luce has released her latest song, “All The Time”. A song about learning to trust your own voice and cancelling out the negative noise, it was written in the beginning stages of the pandemic after she had already finished writing the record. During the pandemic she […]

New Release Round-Up: January 12th, 2021


GARY QUINN – ‘NOBODY SOMEBODY’ It’s our first new release list of the New Year, and we thought we’d start with a song from one of our top UK talents, Gary Quinn, hopefully the first of many from him this year. ‘Nobody Somebody’ was written at a song writing session […]

New Release Round-Up: December 16th


JADE HELLIWELL – ‘TELEPHONE’ Jade performed this song at our recent ‘Nashville Sounds In The Round’ gig in Birmingham, and said that it was her turn to be Christmas #1. If the chart was based upon quality and talent, there would be a very keen contest. This is a song that will […]

New Release Round-Up: December 8th


WILLIAM MICHAEL MORGAN – ‘GIRL LIKE MINE’ It is hard to believe that 5 years have passed since William Michael Morgan burst onto the scene with his debut single, ‘I Met A Girl’. It was clear we had seen the emergence of a major talent who embraced traditional country music. […]

New Release Round-Up: December 1st


The countdown is well and truly on towards the end of a year that we won’t want to repeat! The releases are down to a mere trickle, but the quality remains high. Here are our favourites from the bunch… DALTON DOMINO – ‘BOTH FEET’ It’s been an up and down […]

New Release Round-Up: November 25th


With just a month to go before Christmas, it’s no surprise to see that the new releases this week are heavily focused on festive themes. Not exclusively, however, and we have selected our favourites accordingly… JOHN BAUMANN – ‘TOKYO SMILE/TEXAS DEAD’ We loved his ‘Country Shade’ album which was released […]

New Release Round-Up: November 18th


THOMAS RHETT – ‘WHAT’S YOUR COUNTRY SONG’ Thomas Rhett is never predictable with his style of country music. He’s just as likely to duet with a pop or R&B artist as a mainstream Nashville artist. However, he’s a traditional country artist at heart. We can glean that much from the […]

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