New Release Round-Up: May 25th


CHARLIE WORSHAM  – ‘BELIEVE IN LOVE’ In his recent interview with YLIAS, Charlie said that he was releasing new music which will culminate in an EP later this year. He also said that his ‘angry’ phase which led to the composition of ‘Fist Through This Town’ hadn’t lasted very long. […]

New Release Round-Up: May 19th


DUSTIN LYNCH & CHRIS LANE – ‘TEQUILA ON A BOAT’ We think Dustin Lynch and Chris Lane will own this year’s contest for ‘summer anthem’. ‘Tequila On a Boat’, written by Hillary Lindsey, Justin Ebach and Matt Alderman, is so instantly catchy that it’s a sure-fire bet for chart dominance. […]

New Release Round-Up: May 11th


KENNY CHESNEY – ‘FIELDS OF GLORY’ Kenny Chesney would normally be going out on the road with his annual US stadium tour about now, and would have been spending the last few months rehearsing and preparing. The pandemic has put a stop to that. However, Kenny hasn’t allowed the last few […]

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