New Release Round-Up: November 21st


The music’s still coming thick and fast! The quality is as good as ever. Time to examine our picks for this week… CAITLYN SMITH – ‘DAMN YOU FOR BREAKING MY HEART’ She has a new album ‘Supernova’ in the works, with a release date penned in for March 2020, and […]

New Release Round-Up: November 6th


The new music just keeps on coming! Here are some of our favourite new tunes from the last couple of weeks… KAREN WALDRUP – ‘ME AGAIN’ (FEAT. WILLIAM MICHAEL MORGAN) Karen Waldrup has been on the verge of a breakthrough for the last couple of years. She has been winning […]

New Release Round-Up: October 30th


The nights are drawing in. Country Music Week is done, and the bags are being packed for the CMA Awards. It’s time to select a few more tunes to brighten up these Autumnal nights! JOHN MORELAND – ‘EAST OCTOBER’ Moreland is back. It’s been 2 years since the release of his […]

New Release Round-Up: October 10th


Here are our selections from the last few weeks, showcasing the depth and strength of the music that we all love… RUSTON KELLY – ‘ALL TOO WELL’ (COVER) Originally written and recorded by Taylor Swift and featured on her ‘Red’ album, this is a fine cover by Ruston Kelly. It […]

New Release Round-Up: September 29th


We are now definitely in high season for new music. It’s coming thick and fast, folks! We may need more than a single update….. COLTER WALL AND THE SCARY PRARIE BOYS – ‘BOB FUDGE’/’HAPPY REUNION’ An early winner for the “it doesn’t get more country than that” award. Colter Wall is […]

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