New Release Round-Up: April 30th


Despite the current predicament and the inability of our favourite music creators to weave their magic in a recording studio, it seems that there is still enough ‘in the can’ to satisfy demand! ERIC ETHRIDGE – ‘ BREAK YOUR HEART’ 1 of 5 tracks on Eric’s new EP ‘Forever With […]

New Release Round-Up: April 23rd


CHRIS BUCK BAND – ‘A LITTLE MORE TIME’ We often highlight Canadian Country artists who operate in the shadow of their contemporaries across the border. We highlight them because the standard of Canadian Country Music is such that the geographical differences are irrelevant to the end product. Chris Buck Band […]

New Release Round-Up: April 16th


MITCHELL TENPENNY – ‘HERE’ One of the guys we nearly saw last month at C2C. Mitchell Tenpenny continues to enhance his reputation with an up-beat song that was penned with Jordan Schmidt and Marc Beeson. It deals with the emotions experienced when working on a truck that his late father had […]

New Release Round-Up: April 9th


SARA EVANS – ‘I’M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY’ Sara Evans has previously released an album titled ‘Three Cords and the Truth’, so it’s hardly surprising that Sara Evans latest release has a traditional feel. Her new album ‘Copy That’ is released on the 15th May. This is a cover […]

New Release Round-Up: April 2nd


JORDAN DAVIS – ‘DETOURS’ It’s been an interesting musical journey for Jordan Davis. He was signed by Universal Nashville in 2016 and his image and persona led the traditionalists to anticipate an artist that they would embrace. However the initial releases ‘Singles You Up’ and ‘Take It From Me’, whilst […]

SPOTLIGHT: Beth Keeping – ‘Two Seats Down’


UK singer-songwriter Beth Keeping is becoming known for her brave honesty and storytelling in her music, and new single ‘Two Seats Down’ is no exception. An anthem for long-lost love, the song describes the feeling of seeing an old flame years after a break up. Keeping says: “It was inspired […]

New Release Round-Up: March 26th


It seems that the releases may abate somewhat over the next few months as artists and record companies re-schedule in the face of the ever-increasing global pandemic. There’s also a downturn in sales and streaming stats, which is surprising with ever-increasing home and non-work time. The heavy hitters are noticeably […]

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