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Caylee Hammack Shares ‘Forged In The Fire’ From Upcoming Album



Caylee Hammack is sharing more of her unique journey with the gripping new song “Forged In The Fire,” available here. 

Taken from her forthcoming debut album, available on August 14th, the autobiographical track details how Hammack’s house burned down while she was away on a songwriting retreat losing just about everything – except for a few song-inspiring pieces such as her grandmother’s quilt. Written by Hammack, with Thomas Finchum and Andy Skib.

“My father used to tell me that all of the strongest and most beautiful things are forged in fire. Iron is weak until you work it in fire. Glass can’t be blown without immense heat,” elaborated Hammack.

“I grew up with this saying as a motto handed down when I needed reminding and it was rarely thought of; until I had an electrical fire at my home in 2017. I lost so much, but gained so much more. I learned that material things don’t matter. The people who surrounded me and helped me find the salvageable pieces loved me and I wasn’t alone through the hardship. Life was dark at the time, but the love I felt around me was deep. God’s seen me through, and also given me some stories to tell.  What more could I ask for?”

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