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Charlie Worsham Announces New EP, “Sugarcane”



Charlie Worsham has announced his new EP, Sugarcane, coming July 16th via Warner Music Nashville. Pre-orders available here. Also, Worsham has released another new track from the project today, titled “Half Drunk”.

Of the track, Charlie shares, “‘Half Drunk’ tells the story of the first time I told my wife I loved her. I’d just been fired by my publisher and my manager had quit management that week, but I was singing that day in one of my favorite rooms in all the world, the Station Inn. Powered by Yazoo Pale Ale, applause, and a sense that this girl I was crazy about might just be more special and more permanent than the whole music industry thing, I turned to Kristen, said those three magic words, and she said ‘I love you too.’ I hope this song inspires a lot of drunken making out and maybe a few last-time-saying-I-love-you-for-the-first-time moments.”

Charlie Worsham teamed up with Grammy Award-winning producer Jay Joyce (Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town), and Sugarcane is an emotional homecoming. These six new songs celebrate the love, perseverance, struggle and joy experienced through life and the people who are there through it all. 

Check out our recent interview with Charlie HERE.


1. Sugarcane
2. For The Love 
3. Half Drunk
4. Fist Through This Town
5. Believe In Love 
6. Hang On To That

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