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Chase Rice Surprises Fans With ‘Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.’



Chase Rice has surprised fans once again with the release of “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.” featuring Florida Georgia Line, reuniting the hitmakers who previously achieved breakout success together as co-writers of FGL’s Diamond-certified hit “Cruise.”

The single was written by Rice together with Hunter Phelps, Cale Dodds and Corey Crowder.

“We actually wrote this song before the pandemic, which is crazy because it’s almost like God was intervening in the song just to say, ‘Hey y’all, get ready. You’re gonna have a lot of time to sit around a fire, drink some beer and hang out with me,’” notes Rice. 

“It’s a special song in that way because it really is a celebration of what 2020 became for us and a lot of other people — slowing down to enjoy these moments with our loved ones and having deeper, more meaningful conversations with each other.” 

The collaboration serves as another example of Rice’s desire to share new music with fans more frequently than traditional album cycles allow, as it follows four-song surprise project The Album Part I (featuring Top 10 hit “Lonely If You Are”) and seven-song follow up The Album Part II, both released earlier this year. 

“Brian actually helped me finish the first song I ever wrote, which was about my dad when he passed away, and I knew right then that I loved making music,” shares Rice, who first befriended Kelley when the two were toddlers in Daytona Beach, Florida. “When I moved to Nashville, we lived in a house together with Tyler where we all worked on songs constantly. These lyrics are literally what we did; sitting around fire pits talking about music, talking about life – and now we’re talking about it a decade later in a song that a lot of people are going to hear, which is pretty special.” 

FGL’s Hubbard and Kelley shared, “We are so excited to be on this jam with our boy Chase. We’ve dreamed of being on the radio together ever since we were roommates 10 years ago. This song is the perfect one for us, as we often find ourselves drinking beer and talking God when we get together. We hope this brings lots of good times and great conversations. Cheers to making music with friends!”

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