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Chris Janson Releases “Stripped Down Acoustics” EP



Chris Janson has shared a new Stripped Down Acoustics EP, recorded at the Acuff House in Nashville, TN. The tunes included on the new Stripped Down Acoustics release are fan favourites from Janson’s acclaimed Real Friends album.

“Performing songs in an acoustic setting is how most of the songs I write begin,” says Janson. “I am excited to present these tracks the way they were initially created.”

Stripped Down Acoustics track listing:

  1. “Waitin’ on 5” 
  2. “Done” 
  3. “Beer Me” 
  4. “Hawaii on Me” 

In addition to the audio tracks, one video is being released today for “Hawaii on Me.” Janson reflects, “I wrote this song with my wife, Kelly, and it’s a special one for sure. It’s based on a true story about a father who told his family before he passed away, ‘Don’t be sad. Please promise me you’ll keep our tradition of going on family vacations and enjoy Hawaii on me.’”

Check out Stripped Down Acoustics from Chris Janson HERE

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