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Chris Shiflett Announces Special London Acoustic Show



Chris Shiflett will be visiting the UK and playing an acoustic solo London show, showcasing his solo material and recent album.

Although famed worldwide as the lead guitarist of the Foo Fighters’, Chris Shiflett is an acclaimed musician, songwriter and performer in his own right, especially in the Alt Country scene.

Chris will soon be performing a special show in London at the 100 Club on 13th June, joining Nic Cester on the bill. This special show will showcase Shiflett playing solo, without a band: a rare chance to experience his virtuoso talent, solo singer-songwriter material, and alt country energy in the UK.

“It’s been years since I’ve done any solo shows in the UK,” says Chris, “so I am super-excited to come over and do a couple acoustic gigs.  Many thanks to Nic Cester for letting me jump on his show at the 100 Club.”

Rawramp have praised Chris Shiflett’s alt country solo work: “Some rock ‘n’ roll bootleggers have tried performing their numbers with a “country” twist…” they said, “But Shiflett is the real deal… silver spurs, bootlace ties ‘n’ all.”

His latest solo album ‘West Coast Town’ was recently released on SideOneDummy Records: an autobiographical, ten track release. The album was produced by Dave Cobb in Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A. Every song was captured in just two or three takes, making the album often sound more like the work of a live band than a studio creation.

“It certainly feels like he’s hit on a winning formula…” said Stuart Williams of Total Guitar, describing ‘West Coast Town’, “…a fine collection of 10 originals that show a different side to Shiflett’s playing outside his day job.”

“To me it’s a mixture of all the stuff I’m into,” Chris explained in the Metro newspaper, “It’s equal parts rock and roll, honky-tonk and all the rest of it. It has been interesting to see people that come from a real rock background think it’s a country record, and people from a country background think it’s a rock-punk record.”

Chris is also expected to announce a further UK date soon.

Check out Sticks & Stones here:


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