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Country Music Round-Up: 15th May



For those of us who are still reeling at the news that ‘Nashville’ has been axed by ABC after 4 seasons, all may not be lost. It appeared a hasty move and a huge shock to the worldwide fans, particularly as it attracted a healthy audience globally.

The producers Lionsgate are searching for a new home. According to The Hollywood Reporter AXS TV are currently cable rights owners alongside Hulu who saved ‘The Mindy Project’ last year. It is hoped that they will step up to the plate and there may be interest from CMT which would appear to be the natural home.

The future for the show had seemed assured with very respected writers Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, who were responsible for ‘Thirtysomething’, already signed up for season five. This is one that we will be keeping a close eye on.

In the meantime, we have the concert tour to look forward to and the latest ‘Music Of Nashville’ compilation album was released this week. It’s one of a number of strong mid-May releases which also includes excellent new music from Jennifer Nettles and Rob Baird. We also have new releases from Blake Shelton and Dierks Bentley in the next two weeks.

Single releases hitting US country radio over the next few weeks include Maddie and Tae’s ‘Sierra’, Brett Eldredge’s ‘Wanna Be That Song’, Josh Turner’s ‘Hometown Girl’ and the Cadillac Three’s ‘Drunk Like You’.

A new name to check out is JB Crockett. He is a country singer who is based in central Florida and released his debut EP in January. He is direct relative of Davy who we all know and love from a certain song! Check out his music, we like it!

Our recommendations for you this week:

Josh Kelly – ‘New Lane Road’, a contender for album of the year already.

Davey Arnold – ‘Autumn Love’, a track from the ‘Hotter In July’ EP that came out last year.

Rob Baird – ‘Mercy Me’ and ‘Run Of Good Luck’, two tracks from Rob’s new album ‘Wrong Side of the River’. An excellent album.

Ryan Beaver – ‘When The World Ends’, from the ‘RX’ album that features Maren Morris, another very strong album.

Curtis Wright – ‘Going Through Carolina’ – this could be another ‘Wagon Wheel’! From the self-titled album ‘Curtis Wright’ (see our separate full review).

Kaylens Rain – ‘In the blood’ album – Country music from Australia that shouldn’t pass you by. The Australian equivalent of The Shires; well worth checking out!

William Michael Morgan’s self titled EP – Yes, we know we have been banging on about this one but it’s seriously good. One of the best releases of 2016.

Cole Swindell – ‘Middle Of A Memory’ from the new ‘You Should Be Here’ album.  One of a number of strong tunes on offer on the album.

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