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Country Release Round-Up: Sarah Darling, Joe Nichols, MacKenzie Porter & More!



Sarah Darling  – ‘Song Still Gets Me’

A former YLIAS Album of the Year list-topper, Sarah Darling has many followers in the UK and is appearing in London and Brighton before Christmas.

She’s releasing a new EP in Spring 2022 and ‘Song Still Gets Me’ is the second preview, following ‘Waves’ which she released in October. The new track was written by Emily Shackleton, Carly Pearce and Gordie Sampson. Emily Shackleton is also the co-producer of the project.

Chris Lane – ‘Stop Coming Over’

New music from Chris Lane, who releases this track written by Rocky Block, Jordan Dozzi and Brett Tyler. It’s a clever play on words with the initial break-up vibe turned on its head into a commitment for an extended relationship.

Chris has had a good year both personally and professionally. In June he became a Dad when his wife Lauren gave birth to baby boy Dutton, and his single ‘Fill Them Boots’ was a hit song.

Jesse Labelle – ‘Reach the Pedals’

It’s a song that focuses on an old green tractor that’s sitting in the barn and “ain’t seen dirt for at least 3 years”, but it’s really about life’s lessons passed on between father and son and the “things I learned along the way”. This is why we all choose to listen to country music.

Jesse’s from Ontario, Canada but is now based in Nashville.

MacKenzie Porter – ‘Coming Soon To a Bar Near You’

Another Canadian native making a name for herself in Nashville is MacKenzie Porter, who shared top billing with Dustin Lynch on ‘Thinkin’ About You’.

They performed that song on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it’s currently topping the US country airplay charts. She has also recently made her Opry debut to add to the bucket list moments.

Her new single was written by Hillary Lindsay, Amy Wadge and Emily Weisband.

Joe Nichols – ‘I Wanna Be Your Tonight’

Joe’s releasing a new album ‘Good Day For Living’ on February 11th ,his first album release for over 4 years.

We’ve already been treated to ‘Home Run’ which is his current single, and we are loving the new track ‘I Wanna Be Your Tonight’. The album has 13 tracks and will also feature a collaboration with Blake Shelton on ‘I Got Friends That Do’.

Lexie Hayden – ‘Pretty Damn Close’

Lexie’s from Herndon, Virginia and dreamed of a career in country music at an early age. She moved to Nashville and became an intern on the Bobby Bones Show before concentrating on building a portfolio of tunes to launch her career.

‘Pretty Damn Close’, written with Gina Venier, relates to a relationship where she realised that her partner wasn’t the chosen one but the were ‘pretty damn close’.

Jason Aldean – ‘Whiskey Me Away’

He released the first chapter of a double album of new music, ‘Macon’, 3 weeks ago and we have now been treated to a taster of the second part of the project, ‘Georgia’, with the release of ‘Whiskey Me Away’. The song was written by Morgan Wallen, Rodney Clawson, Jeff Hyde and Drive Williams.

The double album will eventually feature a total of 30 tracks and ‘Macon, Georgia’ will be released on 22nd April 2022.

Big 50 – ‘For The Bad Times’ EP

A visit to Nashville will inevitably involve a night out at the Broadway music bars, where Big 50 cut their teeth in the business. Regulars on the circuit, Big 50 are Andrew Gaultier and Jake Gunter who say that they are “fighting for the return and continuation of traditional country and honkytonk music”.

They describe their new 4 track EP as a collection of sad songs to drink to. We feature ‘8 Seconds’ here, which is their new single.

Tim McGraw – ‘The Cowboy In Me (Yellowstone Edition)

It was originally on Tim’s 2001 ‘Set This Circus Down’ album, but was re-recorded and features on Series 4 of ‘Yellowstone’.  The show is awesome and has already been a huge boost to numerous independent country artists, whose music has been featured.

2022 is shaping up to be a stellar year for Tim and Faith, who play husband and wife in a Yellowstone prequel 1883 which starts this weekend on Paramount in the US.

If the original is anything to go by, the viewing figures will be huge.

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