Courtney Marie Andrews Premieres ‘I’ve Hurt Worse’ With Rolling Stone

Courtney Marie Andrews’ new song “I’ve Hurt Worse” recently premiered at Rolling Stone, who calls it “A rich folk ballad that showcases the full range of Andrews’ dynamic, remastered- vinyl vocals.” 

Discussing the track Courtney stated, “This is one of the few songs I’ve ever written with such a heavy sense, of sarcasm. I have a family member who loves to hurt in a relationship and they are addicted to toxic and abusive partners. The narrator in “I’ve Hurt Worse” is justifying their partners behaviours by comparing them to an even worse relationship they’ve been in before. It’s a sarcastic song about recognising abuse and allowing your own mental instability to get the best of you.”

“I’ve Hurt Worse” is the third song unveiled from Andrews’ anticipated new full-length album, May Your Kindness Remain, which will be released March 23 on Loose and is now available for pre-order. Each pre-order includes an instant download of “I’ve Hurt Worse” as well as the album’s first single, “Kindness of Strangers,” and the title track.