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Danielle Bradbery Releases New Single “Break My Heart Again”



Break My Heart Again

Danielle Bradbery has shared her latest release “Break My Heart Again,” out now via Big Machine Records. Listen HERE.

Danielle immediately felt connected to the song written by Rob Grimaldi (“Butter”) and Riley Biederer upon hearing it nearly two years ago and the simplicity suits her guileless vocals. 

“When writing a song, usually it’s coming from a place that’s personal. For me I’m always trying to put out what’s truly real to me and real for my fans,” Danielle explains. “Even though I wasn’t in the room when this song was created, there’s still something so special about listening to a song that you immediately feel something for, as if you were there writing it.”

“I played the demo over and over again for a while and I could not let the song go from my hands. I had empathy for this girl in the song that was so torn from the heavy feelings she had towards this guy and what they were going through. I have felt it at a point in my life, and I know others have too,” Danielle continues. “So, let the song tell you it’s story all while the melody takes you on a unique journey.”

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