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Danni Nicholls Announces New Single “Little Fictions”



Danni Nicholls

Having been nominated for the Album, Artist and Song of the Year categories at the Americana Music Association UK awards in 2017, 2018 and 2020 respectively, Danni Nicholls is set to release her new single “Little Fictions” on April 22nd.

Written in February 2020 with co-writer Rebekah Powell (Zooey Deschanel, Ward Thomas, Sarah Darling) “Little Fictions” was born from a persistent, niggling feeling of doubt. Doubt of the self, of life’s path, of certain relationships. An acknowledgement of the anxiety inducing voices in our heads which try to take us down, to block our potential…the little fictions we tell ourselves that drown out our intuition and make it hard to trust the journey. The song is also an attempt to stand up to them. And in light of what was about to come, “I’m sick of this place, I’ve got to get out” is a scarily presentiment lyric.

After the long hiatus, Danni was able to return to her beloved second home of Nashville in September 2021 to perform at Americanafest. Being back at friend and collaborator Stephen Leiweke’s Yackland Studios in East Nashville, where her first two records were made, gave her the opportunity to record again. Little Fictions was the obvious choice and Danni’s first experience in the lead producer’s seat for which she pulled from the worlds of Folk, Pop and Memphis R&B.

Composer Johnny Parry arranged and recorded the strings in the UK.

“Johnny is one of my closest friends and was a huge support throughout the pandemic. We spent much time in a lockdown bubble group talking about how great it would be to work together on this song and it has turned out better than I could’ve dreamed. He’s an incredible talent. To be heading back out on tour with my band and a brand new single after so long is extremely exciting and empowering. I’m so glad to finally share Little Fictions. I hope it brings some joy and comfort.”

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