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Darius Rucker Plays A Bad Guy In This Week’s Hawaii Five-O (CBS)



Darius Rucker appears on Friday’s episode of Hawaii Five-O, and he gets to play a bad guy.

“Playing Desmond Abati on Hawaii Five-O was amazing,” says Darius. “It was so much fun to go to Hawaii and play the bad guy. When I was asked what I wanted to do, I said I wanted to play the bad guy, and I definitely played the bad guy.”

“The plot of the episode is I’m a terrorist, a bombmaker, and they’re chasing me in, and I make my way to Hawaii, and they’re trying to find me, and I’m leaving a trail of dead bodies across Hawaii,” he laughs. “It was just fun being the villan, man, you know. I didn’t have to be the nice guy. That was good times.”

Catch Hawaii Five-O on Friday (February 24th) at 9pm ET on CBS.

Darius is making his way up the country charts with his latest single, “If I Told You.”

Hear Darius talking about his TV appearance:


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